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Sharon Sayler educates businesses and organizations on how communication success both within the company and with clients, both verbal and nonverbal, are vital to their success strategies (sample presentations are below). Sharon covers communication success, group dynamics and team building success from the 10,000 feet level all the way down to the step-by-step, depending on audience need. She has presented to corporations and conferences, colleges and educators, marketers, government agencies, realtors, medical professionals, students, entrepreneurs, and many more.

A brief speaking biography of Sharon Sayler. Her speaking style is engaging, audience participation and humor-laden. She is both energetic and personal. She customizes every presentation to address the needs of the audience.

Book Breakthrough NYC
Unspoken Secrets of Successful Public Speakers

It was great to meet you at BBNYC. I got so much from your presentation and our talk after. I gave a speech yesterday and did so much better with my breathing. Thank you!  ~ Brian Hamilton  Owner at Hamilton Financial Coaching   Baltimore, Maryland Area

“Sharon, thanks so much for the fabulous time today!  Love your skills, your enthusiasm and your professionalism.  It was fun.”  ~  Pat Fortin Mussieux

Thank you for considering Sharon Sayler for your next event. We understand what a demanding process it is to coordinate an event, and what it takes to make it a success. We are happy to assist you to help make your event a spectacular success!

As a professional speaker she customizes her presentations to the audience at hand. She will work to bring relevance to your business situations and needs, to show what they can do. Mixing case studies, stories, and actionable recommendations together with humor, easy-to-understand language, and a dynamic presenting style.

She provides much more than buzzwords and back-patting. She give you the tools you need to turn inspiration into action.

Sharon Sayler gave an effective, thought provoking presentation on the body language challenges women encounter while conducting business. Her knowledge, industry expertise and helpful tips will help our group achieve amazing results while conducting business. Personally and professionally I believe everyone walked away with a meaningful lesson from Sharon. She brought an innovative and fun approach on what your body language says about you in business and in life. Sharon also shared real life experiences, tools and techniques that could easily be implemented in our everyday lives. I would highly recommend her! ~ Teana McDonald aka The InStyle Diva, President of NAWBO South Florida Chapter

From keynoting major events to presenting to your private business meeting, her expertise is in helping organizations adopt new behavioral success skills and communication tools to create expanding business value.

Book Sharon to Speak by using this link to email her or phoning 503.575.9126.

Keynotes and Action Sessions for you and your team to optimize your leadership, relationship and sales performance.

Your Influence Quotient: The Essential Business IQ
While your Intelligence Quotient has taken you a long way towards your current success, it is your Influence Quotient that is most relevant to creating lasting relationships, becoming an inspiring leader and reaching your goals.  

Your Influence Quotient: The Essential Business IQ reveals the unconscious messages you send that make people trust you, believe you…and respond in your favor! You will gain concrete nonverbal and verbal tools necessary to consistently communicate effectively with coworkers and clients alike.
You will:

  • Know through a handshake how to identify and influence different personality types
  • Discover what gestures encourage people to believe and trust you and which do the opposite
  • Learn how to exude confidence in less than 100 words and get your point across every time
  • Leave with the relevant skills of self-leadership, self discipline and self promotion
  • Increase your understanding of how to work with others to achieve a powerful outcome
  • Develop knowledge to be seen as a personable and relevant leader – someone others love to follow

The Cash Conversation: How To Ask for the Sale Without Selling Out    
With these essential cash conversation and confidence skills, you will transform your inner and outer conversations with principles and research-based techniques that you can immediately use to comfortably inspire and influence the best in others and get paid what you are worth.
During this powerhouse primer on cash and confidence building, you will learn the essential mindset, nonverbal and verbal communication skills to:

  • Dramatically increase income by knowing exactly what to do and say so that ideal clients hire you … without having to be pushy or inauthentic
  • Stop sabotaging your expertise by stumbling over the real amount that you know it is worth
  • Feel comfortable and in control speaking to anyone about anything, including money.
  • Build permission, safety and trust without saying a word
  • Use proven techniques of gesture, posture, and voice to increase your influence and rapport with ease when it comes time to ask for the money

Bottom line, how you talk about money is how you talk about any emotional or sensitive issue.  In The Cash Conversation, money is the metaphor for any difficult conversation. When you master the simple cash conversation, you will master your destiny.

Courage Under Fire: Defusing Workplace Conflict
Learn when to communicate (or not), and how to save yourself through “nonverbal self-defense” when handling volatile people and information. This presentation reveals how to add new, innovative, preemptive, and strategic ingredients to your standard list of responses, reflexes and reactions in the midst of conflict.    
You will leave with an understanding of:

  • How to identify the dynamics of difficult situations and people
  • How to spot when things are getting emotional and make it safe again
  • How to get people to open up and tell you the real truth about their feelings
  • How to define a mutual intent that will inspire action

Expand your strategic skills with conflict communication skills to create an environment in which people value honesty, transparency and results.

Teamwork doesn’t have to be the PITS: The Three Variables to Good Teamwork, Power, Information and Time
Do team members view each other as trusted strategic advisers who can offer focused, pragmatic and useful advice to help them complete projects on time?

The ability of your team to trust each other is the factor that makes or breaks your success. You will learn step by step how to produce a game plan that insures your team will reach the objectives and goals set and respect each other by knowing:

  • Essential techniques to keep high achievers inspired and team players
  • How to motivate and engage all the different personality styles
  • Ways to diffuse conflict before it infects the entire group
  • The difference between power and influence and why it matters.

You will leave this session knowing how to win respect as a leader, regardless of whether you are the designated leader.





Tailored Training to meet your specific needs

Together, we can custom-design workshops based in group dynamics, behavioral coaching, and verbal and nonverbal communications to create the appropriate workshops for your organization and tailor each one to address your specific goals, issues and concerns.

The Benefits of booking Sharon for your next event

Sharon draws from a wealth of experience as a communications director for several companies and as a serial entrepreneur. She customizes your programs and messages to meet your specific needs. Her message focuses on sharing practical communication steps to greater understanding and rapport, while engaging the audience through humor and interaction to create a common purpose. Sharon’s books are available at a significant discount when you provide them as gifts to attendees. Sharon will gladly give a complimentary book signing following her presentation and book purchase discounts are available.

To book Sharon Sayler for your event or for an interview, call 503.575.9126 or contact me using the Contact Form

"…Sharon helped me with a short presentation I had to give.  Her keen observation coupled with her understanding of non-verbal communication translates into a powerful coaching style that is both direct yet gentle.   I would highly recommend her services to anyone committed to excellence. Her area of expertise is very unique and critical to anyone who presents or does public speaking.  ~ Tricia Neves, President, San Diego, CA,

"Sharon is a masterful speaker with warmth, depth and a wealth of knowledge. She keeps the audience engaged through humor, insights, and dynamic speaking. Her suggestions and ideas have been valuable to me in my career and personal development. I highly recommend Sharon."  ~ Denny Stockdale, Stockdale Resource Group Minneapolis, MN

Training, mentoring and coaching has worked for star athletes for a long time, why not star performers in all careers—Sharon Sayler is a trusted advisor that knows the communication game, a guide to help you reach your goals. Sharon Sayler offers a safe, enjoyable, "hands-on" (well, technically whole body…) workshop for top executives, sales, marketing, public relations, and other professionals who want to deliver dynamic charismatic, winning presentations.

Author of What Your Body Says (and how to master the message) Sharon Sayler, MBA trains executives, business leaders, speakers who want to Inspire, Influence and Intrigue with their presentations.  Her special workshops and trainings (including video-training) gives participants practice with observations and other options with your non-verbal techniques. Every participant receives a substantial workbook of tips, visual examples, and workshop highlights.

Sharon is available for:

  • Half-day workshops
  • Full-day workshops 
  • Keynotes & Breakout presentations
  • Keynotes
  • One-on-one coaching (in person or over the phone)
  • Video review with voice over coaching

As a Certified Group Dynamics, Perception and Behavioral Communications expert and Book Yourself Solid Certified Coach, Sharon Sayler understands communication strategy and persuasion, including systems and group analysis, building credibility and rapport, content construction, non-verbal message delivery, and motivators of change. Sharon doesn’t waste time on empty platitudes. Her interactive coaching and workshops use systems, tools and examples based on her career in business consulting and her long association and mentorship with Michael Grinder, one of the foremost authorities on non-verbal communication and group dynamics.

"Sharon increases your intelligence, by that I mean how you are perceived…. No matter how intelligent you are, if others can’t see it… it doesn’t matter. Her coaching strategies breakthrough resistance and empower you to succeed. She is able to stay within the person’s belief systems and nudge them to expand their self image and charisma. As a person increases their range of behaviors, their effectiveness increases and a whole new range of possibilities open."   ~ Michael Grinder, Author of 13 books on nonverbal communication and managing groups, Battle Ground WA

I honor all bureau contracts, maintain fee integrity and am happy to work with you to wrap up an agreement. I provide you with first-class, professional marketing materials, which are bureau friendly. View more Media Page for audio and video samples.

Sharon has presented at conferences, events and workshops nationally. She is well known for her sense of humor, relevant information and her ability to engage her audience. All presentations are customized to meet the unique needs of your organization – whether it is a keynote presentation, a break-out session, a staff in-service, etc.

Sharon offers her expertise in ways that are always inspiring and empowering. She lives and breathes this stuff—she walks her talk and she talks her walk. ~ Michael Port, New York Times bestselling author of four books including Book Yourself Solid

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