Use pictures to make your point


In my work as a women’s executive coach and behavioral communications specialist, I’ve long advocated the use of visual communication strategies to communicate important messages, especially during presentations.

Visual communication strategies support your words. Your body language, written language, environmental cues (such as logos, pictures, signs, colors) and even the location the visual is placed can all be used to support your verbal message.

Visual communication strategies create mutual understanding and are used to communicate one or more of these PERFECT Messages™ during a presentation.

Persuade: Use visuals to show relevance or emphasize your message.

Explain: Use visuals to clarify the meaning.

Recall: Use visuals to boost memory. (People retain 10% of what they heard, 35% from a visual only and 65% from a combination of the two: a presentation using both visual and verbal.)

Feature: Use visuals to set the tone.

Enhance: Use visuals to expand or add value to your words.

Connect: Use visuals to create familiarity and build mutual understanding.

Train: Use visuals to demonstrate or show a sequence to complete. For example, Step 1: Remove the cap, Step 2: Measure one teaspoon.

Even knowing all of the above, as I’ve trained how to use visuals to support your message for years, when my friend and this week's first guest, Angelique Rewers, asked to see my capability brochure*, it was one of those embarrassing “DUH” moments when I had to say, “I don’t have one. "Would you like to see my media one-sheet?”

In only the way Angelique can, moments of gracious silence pass…. “Why don’t I have one?” I ask myself. Well, honestly, I never thought about it. “How funny is that!” I continued arguing with myself. “Seems like one of those obvious things to have, similar to the media one-sheet really, but for your prospective clients….”

As a result, over the last couple of weeks, I’ve diligently perfected my capability brochure. Now that it is complete, I realize a capability brochure is the perfect visual.

It contains all the P–E-R-F-E-C-T Message elements: It explains what I do (persuade); tells the reader what they will receive working with me (explain); creates a visual memory (recall); sets the tone of what to expect from working with me (feature); shows the value you will receive (enhance); shows a mutual understanding of what they want (connect); and shows them how to work with me (train)….

Thanks Angelique! Want to know more incredible, useful tools? Join me when I cherry-pick Angelique Rewer’s brain on capability brochures and her other “magic tricks” for getting your message out to corporations and companies looking for services just like yours on Messages, Meaning and Money Radio with Sharon Sayler, May 23rd at 1pm PDT / 4pm EDT.

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* Capability Brochure: A clear, concise services profile in brochure (or PDF) visual format. It is just the ticket to substitute for or reinforce your verbal messages to show how you can be just the ticket they need. (Ask Angelique, she knows.)  


P.S. To be obnoxiously compliant with the law, I just want to let you know that, yes, the link to  I included in this post is affiliate link… and if you decide to invest in Angelique's premium training program… I will earn a small commission.